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 Protect Your Skin

Protect Your Skin

High quality skin is probably one of the single largest investment a discerning avatar can make in Second Life. So, don’t leave it exposed and vulnerable to injury…most especially in combat sims. The Medieval Corridor now has a new line of Spell Fire enabled armours. Finally, form and function goes hand-in-hand.

Showroom Location:
Some of our armours are rezzed in-world and can be seen by logging in to Second Life. Search for “The Medieval Corridor”. From there, you can directly teleport to our showroom. Or, you can use the SLurl here.

Creative Direction by Chenin Anabuki
Set Coordination by Rodion Resistance
Photography by Bonji Barbosa
Modeling Services by Steve Hansen
Post-Production by Fabskee Heartsdale

You can see the pre-production images at our Flickr Protect Your Skin page

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