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 Abbottabad in SL

The team put its rapid-development capabilities into action and whipped out a 3D visual replica of the Abbottabad compound in Second Life. It is built to the proper scale and orientation of the RL compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Although it is still an on-going work, the space is pretty convincing for only five days of development.

We have been using it to role-play as navy seal special ops using our avatars. But, we have other plans in mind for the simulation as well. The public is free to join in. We prefer avatars with kevlar vests and camo pants as bullets tend to fly around the area. Visit at your own risk! The space is located at the Abbottabad parcel of Avatrian Central sim in Second Life

You can check out more snapshots via Avatrian’s Abbottabad Flickr set. Email us at info@avatrian.com for any feedback (good or bad).

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