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 Avatrian’s take on Minecraft

I decided to write this in behalf of Avatrian even if the company didn’t really ask me to write this one. I bought Minecraft last January (using my own CC) and never had the chance to tell people about how awesome it was, even in the company. The OpenSim/Second Life community has been [...]

 A Pitbull in the works

Following the development path of the Pug and Doberman, we are now modeling a virtual Pitbull for a client. The features are not complete yet. But, the image shows the organic sculpt of the Pitbull head as it is being created. Final output will be rendered and textured for Second Life pet [...]

 Redesigning BLiSS

The newly redesigned BLiSS interface is intended to make it more intuitive and easier for users. Avatrian’s radical change makes it more obvious that the combination of crop selections will determine how many explorers can be supported in a mission. Resources needed for input are directly tied to the production output of oxygen, [...]