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 California’s High Speed Rail

In response to RailLA.org’s call for ideas, Avatrian has produced a machinima to showcase concept and design ideas for the High Speed Rail. The goal is to integrate the neighborhoods surrounding the LA Union Station on the arrival of the HSR. We combined concepts that already exist with new design ideas and proposed [...]

 Second Life upgrading to Havok 7

This week Second Life is upgrading from server 1.38 to 1.40. The most important component of this release is the integration of Havok 7, the most recent battle-tested version of Havok’s Physics Engine.
Key benefits of the Server 1.40/Havok 7 upgrade include:
* Reduction of [...]

 Avatrian Opensim Upgraded

Avatrian Grid has been upgraded to the new code database based on the Opensimulator 0.6.9 which is the latest release. So far everything is running smoothly. Inventory access glitches have been minimized and all seems pretty stable. Here are some major list of changes from the core developers:
* Teleport offers implemented