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 Blue Mars: Martian Boneyards Game

This is a cool and educational game that can be played inside Blue Mars. You play as an archeologist and solve the mysteries in the Blue Mars city named Arcadia.

This game is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

 3D Meshes via COLLADA in Second Life

Picked up from New World Notes: 3D Meshes via COLLADA (COLLAborative Design Activity), in Second Life might just be around the corner. What does this mean? From a builder’s perspective…a LOT!

Collada allows rigging which means: Wearable clothing, entire avatar replacements that bend with animations!
Five submeshes for each object
Four different Levels Of Detail
One [...]

 The Cipher Prime Duo

I came across this Indiepub interview about two guys starting out a gaming business.This two named their company Cipher Prime. They struggled their way to the top and risk so much in the process. Eventually,they got their break by winning in a competition and possibly going to get sponsorship from a big time gaming company [...]


This is an amazing rendition of a future wherein virtual worlds have evolved to the point of becoming indistinguishable from the real world. This video is a bit of a cautionary tale on society’s addiction to games and virtual reality. But, it also showcases technology that could very well be commercially available in [...]

 “Philip Rosedale, Visionary” – Fortune

Here’s a recent interview of Philip Rosedale (the creator of Second Life and founder of Linden Lab) done by Fortune Magazine, who hails him a visionary for his radical concept of a virtual world, as manifested by Second Life.
Although he says nothing radically new in the video, he does mention the potentials of motion capture [...]

 Closing of Greenies Home Rezzable

Very sad news this week that Greenies Home Rezzable in Second Life will be closing June 23rd 2010. I received an object message from Second Life confirming this.
“The object ‘Greenies Home’ has sent you a message from Second Life:
Today is a really sad day for SL. I have to announce the closing of Greenies Home [...]

 Wacky, Sexy and Fun: The RMB City “Naked Idol” Contest

I recently got invited to be a judge during the RMB City “Naked Idol” Contest. It basically mimics the well-known “Idol” competition format, where contestants showcase their talents to a group of three “celebrity” judges. However, in this particular contest, talent is defined more to be how the participants “assembled” or created their look for [...]

 Second Life Voice Morphing

Linden Lab just announced an alpha release of Viewer 2.1. While most of the improvements are on performance, stability and usablity Linden Lab is also excited to reveal two new features including single sign-on and Voice Morphing, that can change the sound of your inworld voice to match your avatar. It’s an exciting new [...]

 Gesture-Based Computing Boon for Virtual Builders?

Robert Wang, a computer scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Artificial Intelligence Lab. has developed a system that could bring gesture-based computing to the masses and it requires nothing more than a pair of multicoloured latex gloves, a webcam and a laptop.
As seen in the video, the device has a lot [...]

 “…do me a favor, and rez a prim.” – Dusan Writer

Here is a brilliant and inspiring blog entry by Dusan Writer, eminent SL/VW Evangelist, that strikes deep into the heart of the “whys” of our presence inside virtual worlds like Second Life, and why the simple act of creation, such as rezzing a prim (Second Life’s basic building block), is still a fundamental experience that [...]