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 SLCC 2010 in Boston

We finally know the date and location for this year’s Second Life Community Convention…August 13-15 it is. The city for the venue is in Boston, MA.

 Now in WordPress 2.9.2

Thanks to the diligent work of Clifford, “Our Blogs” have now been upgraded to the latest 5.0 version.  And, the accompanying database has also been migrated to MySQL 5.0.  This upgrade is transparent to our readers and subscribers.  But, it allows us added functionality when creating content and managing existing blogs.  One of my favorites [...]

 Paper on Second Life and OpenSim for Education

Here is an interesting article from Daden Limited about a research on education using virtual world platforms. You can find the full article at the HyperGrid site here. Thanks to Mal Burns for the heads up.

 Ranked-Choice Vote Counting Process

Alameda County commissioned Avatrian to create a machinima on Ranked-Choice Vote Counting Process.This will be Alameda County’s first time to hold this kind of election in which Berkeley, Oakland and San Leandro approved to use it. As the election is coming nearer it is really important to maximize the information given to the voters on [...]

 Top 10 sims viewed in Peek360

As of May 25, these are the 10 sims that are most highly viewed using the Peek360 app.

1. Straylight with 18051 views
2. Morrison with 2299 views
3. Cybavaria with 2106 views
4. Baden-Wuerttemberg 2 with 1675 views
5. Shiodome Island with 1602 views
6. RMB City 3 with 1503 views
7. Sutherland with 1348 views
8. seduced with 988 [...]

 Concept T-Shirt Designs for MoonWorld

Avatrian is currently in the process of updating MoonWorld. Content created in the 3D environment can also be used as inspiration for real world designs. T-shirts for example. We came up with a few design as a fun way to get feedback on which graphic ideas would be received well by the public. [...]

 In Thrust We Trust

Avatrian’s entry in the National Space Society machinima competition. The machinima was filmed in NSS SL, MoonWorld SL and Celestia simulator. Original music by Craig Lyons…the song Trust.