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 Getting Back to Reality? Jesse Schell Talks about the Future of Games

Interesting video from a presentation made by Carnegie Mellon University Professor, Jesse Schell. He talks on what sort of games will emerge from the popular “Facebook Games”, and how a creeping trend of “going back to what’s real” will be the driving force behind what sort of games people will play in the future.

Wii Games [...]

 CET presents at VWBPE 2010

Dr. Debbie Reese (a.k.a. Frecka Salsman) presented the best practices of the MoonWorld system in Second Life during the VWBPE 2010 conference. This was done in collaboration with the Scilands group. In addition to an overview of the application, Dr. Reese discusses in-depth the customizations taken and innovations applied in order to enhance [...]

 UCF Voting Center

The Florida Institute of Government in the University of Central Florida has commissioned Avatrian to develop a virtual voting center in Second Life. The creation is as close to a real life voting center in the State of Florida. And, UCF intends to use the space primarily has a training space for employees, [...]

 Eshi’s Cosmos

I am very happy to have been invited to Eshi Otawara’s most recent art exhibit in Second Life. Still one of SL’s most renowned designer and icon of style, Eshi created a space called Cosmos which combines natural beauty with the surrealism of outer space and fascination of science. A mixed media event [...]

 A tutorial on Peek360

A short video showing how to use the Peek360 app that was launched last month…