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 Inspecting my Linden Home

After much waiting due to a shortage (yes, it seems that virtual goods are not infinite), I finally got my Linden Home. There are several choices but I opted for the Loftroom style in the Meadowbrook theme selection. For those not in the know, that is the modern minimal category of Linden Homes. [...]

 SL Shared Media Demo

The new Second Life virtual world viewer version 2.0 (BETA) now has an interesting feature called “Shared Media”. This basically means that any user-created object in Second Life (i.e. a table, a car, or your baseball cap) can display web content (i.e. HTML, Flash, images, movies, and etc.) on any object’s surface, and then any [...]

 Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked-choice voting or “instant run-off voting,” allows voters to rank up to three candidates, in order of preference, when marking their ballots Ranked-choice voting eliminates the need for run-off elections, and is approved for use in Berkeley, Oakland and San Leandro.
As a part of Alameda County’s on-going presence in the Second Life platform, they have [...]

 SL Viewer v2.0 Beta to be released today

A source has confirmed that the highly awaited SL Viewer v2.0 in Beta will be available for public download today, February 23, 2010.
On of the most anticipated features of the new viewer is the debut of “…Second Life Shared Media(tm), a standard capability in Viewer 2, that makes sharing standard Web-based media and content in [...]

 CrazyTalk vs Second Life

Creating machinimas in Second Life with avatars talking like how we talk in RL could be tricky. Although SL has its built in Lip-Sync(beta) it is still not that impressive specially when you do close-ups. What it mainly does is that your avatar’s mouth just opens and closes every time it talks, it doesn’t jive [...]

 Handsome Boy Model

Haha! This machinima really cracks me up. Tezcatlipoca Bisani (i.e., the blue, cross-eyed bat) is the avatar of Andrew Sempere in SL. I met the guy in San Francisco last year. And, he is equally as interesting in real life.

The machinima is a creative production of Bryn Oh.

 The virtual Casablanca

Just found out today that someone has recreated the Moroccan city of Casablanca in Second Life. I happened upon it through a view that a user requested using our new Peek360 app. See below…

The best part is that you can see the Hassan II Mosque prominent in the region. The textures are [...]

 Dedric Mauriac writes a review of Peek360

SL Blogger Dedric Mauriac writes about his experience with Peek360 and offers his insights and suggestions for it. Read it here

 Peek360° launches today

Peek360° is a free application that allows you to take a quick 360 degree look at a location in-world without the need for logging into a Second Life client. The output is delivered as a flash display which you can view with a standard browser and share to others via links and social networking [...]