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 Massive Simulation of Yellowstone National Park in ScienceSim

This caught our attention lately–a massive virtual representation of the Yellowstone National Park in ScienceSim, an OpenSim space. Imagine, 1024 regions in a 32×32 grid, all in ONE machine! According to the researchers, in this configuration, it took a full 8 hours for all 1024 regions to completely rez.

Read the entire article here. Thanks goes [...]

 A quick-build demo for St. Edwards University

This is a short demo showing Rodion building a Mediterranean-style town street, inspired by the viral “World Builder” video by Bruce Branit. The actual build/primming lasted about 7-8 minutes, and so the video shown here was speeded up by about 1.2 times the normal speed. This video was created specifically for a presentation at St. [...]

 RMB City Installs New Mayor During 1st Year Anniv Celebrations

Rodion dropped by RMB City on January 10th, 2010 to attend the RMB City 1st Anniversary Celebrations, representing Avatrian LLC. The affair was held in the newly restructured People’s Marketplace, a section of RMB City that evokes the public marketplaces of China.
Highlighting the event was installation of Erica Dubach, a.k.a. E3a Digital, as RMB City’s [...]

 Avatrian and CET meet up inside OpenSim

Avatrian and the Center for Educational Technologies (CET) staff held a meeting in the 9-sim Avatria continent, on the Opensim-based Avatrian Grid. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the CET Team to OpenSim’s features and potentials. Bonji recorded some footage of the meeting as it transpired and turned it into a short music [...]

 RMB City makes the cut

Hamlet Au recently published a listing of the most popular sims in Second Life. This was based on the views received by the sims in Koin-Up. And, it is nice to see that RMB City is on the list at #17. RMB City is an online art community in the virtual world [...]