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 $5 for every new SL account

This is a nice incentive for affiliate websites from Linden Labs. I am glad to see they the company is proactively marketing the SL platform and recruiting new users. This will be good for the community. Although, we’re not sure if those banners are something we’d like to embed in our homepage. [...]

 OpenSim used for RL navigation

This is a very interesting application of OpenSim. Because the open source platform is free, the developers have customized the interface to have the navigation controls and display necessary on the 3D guide for visitors. Thanks to Hamlet for posting. You can read more at his NWN blog here…

 Porting the Leviathan into OpenSim

First of all, Happy New Year to all. This is a short machinima of the Leviathan Telescope being ported over to the Avatrian Opensim grid using the Meerkat Viewer. It was originally created in the Second Life platform for our client, Troy McConaghy, who desired a faithful and detailed recreation of the massive [...]

 Tote Bag Design: “Eye on the Moon”

Inspired by imagery from our MoonWorld project, I created a graphic design called “Eye on the Moon”. It depicts 4 astronauts conducting a mission in the lunar surface. We submitted this design in the community called Common Totes. Although this is just for fun, you can still cast a vote or design your own. Show [...]

 Blue Mars Beta Test

Blue Mars officially launched in open beta last week and Avatrian was one of the few to do the beta testing just after the announcement. Blue Mars, the 3D virtual world created by Honolulu-based Avatar Reality, is powered by the Crytek 3d graphics engine. This virtual world is arranged as a network of “cities” on [...]

 MoonWorld Mini-paper to be Presented at 41st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

A MoonWorld Mini-paper will be presented by Center for Educational Technologies (CET) at the 41st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, to be held on March 1-5, 2010 at the Woodlands, Texas. Avatrian LLC was chosen by CET as co-author of the paper. As stated by CET head Chuck Wood “…(we) included the contractor company, Avatrian, [...]

 The Medaverse migrates to OpenSim

Originally developed for the SL platform, The Medaverse sim has now been completely moved to Avatrian’s own grid, called Avatria in the OpenSim platform. The project was conceived by Barb Carson as a medical and educational sim focusing on respiratory issues. In general, the OpenSim migration was fairly smooth and was completed within [...]

 Immersive Art in Second Life

Art21 blogger Nettrice Gaskins talks to Second Life artists about their experiences in “immersive art” inside Second Life. Interestingly, the “cover” page of the blog for this article is none other than the “People’s Patron Saint in RMB City”, a sculpture created by Avatrian for Cao Fei’s RMB City Immersive Art installation inside Second Life.
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