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 Moving to Asiatown

Moving is never fun. But in this case, very necessary. Our operations base in Asia Pacific will remain in the city of Cebu. However, to take advantage of newer network infrastructure in the city, we relocated to the TGU Tower end of November 2009. The TGU Tower is the latest building [...]

 The Continent of Avatria…a grid in OpenSim

The surface of Avatrian’s OpenSim grid is dominated by a cluster of 9 sim contiguous regions that we call the continent of Avatria. Primodial, expansive, raw and untouched are words that best describe its current state. This machinima documents this early stage of the continent to serve as a reference point since the continent [...]

 Return to Big Falcon

Avatrian’s newly redesigned headquarters in Second Life is showcased in this machinima production. The development team used their childhood fascination for the Robot Romance Trilogy as inspiration. Our new space is now dubbed Camp Big Falcon in recollection of our favorite Japanese anime television series…Voltes V. The story of Voltes V first [...]

 Joining OpenSimulator.org’s grid list

As of today, Avatrian’s grid has been included in OpenSimulator.org’s official list of public grids in the platform. You can check out our profile here…. The site is the central repository of developer information on the latest builds and development on the open source application.

 Going to the office in Second Life

CNN’s Mark Tutton wrote this article on Linden Lab’s new Second Life Enterprise (SLE) code named “Nebraska” platform. The company’s Enterprise tool will let employees’ avatars — animated alter egos — meet in virtual worlds from the privacy of a company’s own network, rather than the public networks used in standard Second Life. That extra [...]

 Architecture and Cross-Cultural Collaboration in SL

Machinima Reporter Draxtor Despres reports on four leading architects from the US, New Zealand and Egypt who led a Conference in Second Life to discuss what Obama promised in his Cairo speech: an online network, facilitating collaboration across geographic and cultural boundaries. The main focus of the conference was on Architecture and the use of [...]