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 Highlights of SLCC 2009

Being based in San Francisco this year, I had an expectation that there will be a higher number of attendees during this year’s SLCC. But, the participant size is just about the same size as Tampa in 2008. And, still much smaller than Chicago in 2007. That was probably when the peak [...]

 Asthma Medaverse opens

August marks the month when The Medaverse project opens its door to the SL community. First of many medically themed implementations is the Asthma Medaverse sim. On this island visitors will interact with displays highlighting important information about asthma and allergy. Immerse in an experience where your avatar can walk around a lung, [...]

 Rodion in NWN Mixed Reality Mondays

Rodion is currently featured in the Mixed Reality Mondays segment of New World Notes. Hamlet sites the RL location of Rodion in the picture while showing his avatar in the SL location of Cebu. You can read the full blog here…

 Pollworker Bots are here

Alameda County is a sim in Second Life created to educate first time voters about the polling process. It has been open to the public since June of 2009. Recently, pollworkers were added in the form of bots. These bots, or automated avatars, were customized and installed by Avatrian. Their main [...]