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 The NPIRL Induction of Chenin Anabuki

Chenin Anabuki accepts NPIRL membership from Bettina Tizzy

On the evening of April 24, 2009, Chenin Anabuki accepted the invitation of Ms. Bettina Tizzy to join the NPIRL Group in Second Life. It is both a privilege and an honor. The event was made official with a short induction ceremony held at Chakryn Forest. [...]

 The Dream Creatures of Kazuhiro Aridian

I met Kaz about a year ago. She visited the Medieval Corridor with her good friend Bettina Tizzy. That was the first time I got to see one of her creations…the Dravyn. I remember my jaw dropping. Even though we are familiar with all sorts of content creation techniques and have [...]

 Mayor AlanLau Nirvana and People’s Limbo Project

On April 25th, RMB City will host a special event, featuring press conference by newly-inaugurated Mayor AlanLau Nirvana (RL: Alan Lau), and a preview of the People’s Limbo interactive art project.
After his inauguration on April 18th, Mayor AlanLau Nirvana announced a press conference to reveal his exciting new “RMB City Stimulus Package”, with [...]

 Egg Hunters tally

The first annual Crystal Egg Hunt at Big Falcon was crazy…but a huge fun. Almost all 100 eggs were found within one hour of the official start. There are still 12 eggs unaccounted for. They might be lingering around somewhere in the Big Falcon still. But, all prizes for discovered eggs [...]

 Oakland Courthouse in SL

The courthouse in the City of Oakland houses the Superior Court of The County of Alameda. It is a classical building which defines the surrounding neighborhood. Next month, this structure will be known as well not just to Oakland or San Francisco Bay Area residents. A replica of the prominent structure is [...]

 Grace Buford in CNN

Grace Buford, Second Life’s pre-eminent artist and musician, was featured in CNN’s Headline News. The segment discussed her musical career in the virtual world of Second Life. I was fortunate enough to meet Grace in Tampa during the SLCC last September. She is very talented, performs excellent music and is very likeable [...]

 Yuri’s Night 2009 at Big Falcon

Yuri’s Night is a celebration of humanity’s achievements in space. Everyone can participate, so come and join us in celebrating our past–and our future–in outer space! This year, Avatrian is hosting the party in Second Life. The celebration begins at 6 pm, SLT on Sunday, April 12. It will be at the [...]

 Crystal Egg Hunt at Big Falcon

Join us for the 1st Annual Big Falcon Crystal Egg Hunt. 100 glowing crystal eggs will be hidden at Camp Big Falcon in the Avatrian Central sim. Each one is worth L$100 to the finder. The hunt begins on April 12, Sunday, 4:00 PM SLT and will last for two hours (or [...]