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 Doctors train in Second Life

A British med school is having students learn by treating virtual patients in the online world ‘Second Life’.
Embedded video from CNN Video
Source: CNN.com


The Teutonic Knight, Shadow Templar, English Plate and Italinate Harness battle for dominance in the high dark ages of 1342. This video features the sculpted armours of The Medieval Corridor. Filmed and produced on location in Second Life by Machitopia. The machinima is now viewable at Machitopia’s portfolio page. Armours featured in this [...]

 2nd Annual Wyoming Short Film Contest

The Wyoming Film Office is holding the 2nd Annual Wyoming Short Film Contest open to all genres and filmmakers of all skill levels, including Machinima submissions. Deadline for submissions is April 30. Last year’s winner, David Gonzales from Jackson, WY, talks about applying and winning on the film office blog. Gonzales found out about the [...]

 Camp Big Falcon in SL

The redevelopment of Avatrian Central’s sim ground level is under way. And our former headquarters is giving way to a new theme…one pulled out from our fondest childhood memories. The world of Chōdenji Machine Voltes V (超電磁マシーン ボルテスV Chōdenji MashÄ«n Borutesu Faibu, “Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes Five”) is soon to be realized inside [...]

 Spacewalk Sonata by Machitopia

A short film by Machitopia featuring the Gemini EVA Spacesuit. The Gemini space suit is a space suit worn by Gemini astronauts during the mid-1960’s for launch, in-flight activities (including EVAs) and landing. This particular suit, the G4C suit was worn by all crews from Gemini 4 to its end and it was in this [...]

 Qi of RMB City

Master Q’s guide to virtual Feng Shui in RMB City.
Director: Cao Fei (SL: China Tracy)
Concept / Script: Huang He (SL: QueenShoe Voom)
Translation: Venus Lau (SL: Nokan Vlodovic)
Project Manager: Samantha Culp (SL: Miniature Tigerpaw)
Project Coordinator: Mengxian Li (SL: Ume Freiman)
Engineer of Fengshui Project: Sinewave
Camera / Editing: Machitopia
Co-produced by Kaaitheater, Festival PERFORMATIK 09, Brussels, Belgium
RMB City project [...]

 A Peek into the Future of Content Creation (Branit’s “World Builder”)

The following is a moving “what if” film, created by Bruce Branit, who gained fame a while back for co-creating the viral “405 – Aircraft Lands on the Freeway” video. It’s the story of a man who enters a virtual world, and creates a town from scraps of memory, for the one he loves.

According to [...]