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 Soliloquy of Rice by Machitopia

Asia’s pixel pop culture takes center stage in this machinima filmed and produced by Machitopia. Watch the most prominent locations of Second Life featured and don’t miss the subtle commentaries about SL’s eclectic universe. Now viewable at Machitopia’s portfolio page.

 Second Life’s Hype Cycle

Mark Glaser of PBS wrote a very interesting assessment on the evolution of virtual worlds. He comments on the shortcomings of traditional media in properly covering virtual world events and activities. However, this has not contributed to the death or slowdown of virtual worlds. You can read the full article here.

Credits to [...]

 “Spreading the Virtual Word” in Legazpi City

I recently got invited by Aquinas University of Legazpi’s AQCurate Department to deliver a presentation on Doing E-Commerce in Games and Virtual Worlds. Their team, headed by Mr. Alvin Perez of AQCurate, flew me from Cebu to Legazpi City on February 4, 2009.
The conference was mostly attended by businesses and educational institutions from around the [...]

 What happened to the Big Three?

I have always wondered what Electric Sheep, Millions of Us and River Runs Red are focusing on now after Second Life. Dusan Writer comes to the rescue with an explanation in this illuminating tell-all titled The Forked Road.

 Announcing the launch of Machitopia

On Valentine’s Day 2009, Machitopia is officially launched as an entirely separate entity. The sister company of Avatrian is a machinima studio that will be dedicated to video production services in Second Life and other virtual worlds. The account manager of Machitopia, Arie Oceanlane, will also be the primary contact person for all [...]