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 New York Times features Scope Cleaver’s Architecture

I met a very interesting builder and architect a few months back. Scope Cleaver showed me his designs at the time. I am most happy to come across this article at the New York Times about his amazing architectural contributions in Second Life.
You can read the full article here…
A big thanks [...]

 Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island, sometimes called Anna Maria Key, is a barrier island on the coast of Manatee County, Florida in the United States. Its unique topography and location easily turned it into a paradise island for many vacationers. Wherever you are located, the island can now be experienced in the virtual world of Second [...]

 Microsoft: Free your Avatar

Microsoft recently gave avatar lovers a chance to free their avatars. This basically means that you can create an image of your avatar which you can download into your very own computer. You can use this image as your profile photo in either your MySpace or Facebook account.
You can do a lot more. Discover all [...]

 The Winter Playground by KINSA

Recently, Avatrian was approached by a non-profit NGO based in Toronto, Canada. KINSA, which stands for the Kid’s Internet Safety Alliance, is interested in creating a virtual space for their organization in Second Life. Design discussions resulted in a decision to create a winter playground as a theme for KINSA’s presence. After [...]

 Taxing the Metaverse

A BBC article examines the possibility of taxation in virtual goods by various countries around the world. Apparently, Sweden earlier this year ruled that in-game transactions in environments such as World of Warcraft and Second Life are theoretically taxable. China and South Korea are supposedly following suit. In my opinion, this is [...]

 Terraform Dreams

Watch landscapes unfold one after another in a seemingly fluid motion…a glimpse of terraformation possibilities in the metaverse.

- Directed by Chenin Anabuki
- Produced by Avatrian, LLC
- Music by Aaron Copland
- Terraformation by the Terrain Factory
- Filmed on location in Second Life