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 Snougle in SL

Snougle is “quirky humor inspired by animals, plants, and life”. Initially a web comics that appears three times a week, it can now be seen as a garden exhibit in Second Life. Snougle is brought to you by Troy McLuhan (a.k.a. Troy McConaghy in RL). You can visit the web version of Snougle at www.snougle.com. [...]

 Lively is now Dead

Yesterday, Google announced that they are pulling the plug on their online virtual world “Lively”. For those of us in the metaverse industry, I would say that this is not all too surprising. I can think of atleast 5 explanations why Google’s Lively closed after only 5 months. First and foremost, Google’s [...]

 Chenin by Hio Taringa

I am quite privileged to have been able to spend time in a solo photoshoot with Mr. Hio Taringa himself. Apart from being one of the most artistic and creative citizen in Second Life, he is also an all-around swell guy. Such a pleasure to have met him…which makes this photography he created for me [...]

 Second Life and Avatrian in the Sunday Inquirer Magazine

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-Cover page and two-page spread of Sunday Inquirer Magazine featuring Second Life and Avatrian-
“Filipinos continue to thrive in online communities. The presence of Filipinos in online virtual worlds such as There and Second Life continues to grow, with Pinoys demonstrating their passion for the internet, online communication, sharing content and [...]

 Bard Haven’s Day One – A Mix’n Match Blog

I have been asked to examine my earliest experiences in Second Life and as I have been here more the three years now, it takes a bit of work to remember that far back. Even now looking back at them they are a smattering of false steps and half measures and compromises and exploratory sex.
Like [...]

 TED Talks with David Perry about Video Games

This 22-minute talk will make you appreciate even more the video game industry and the work it does for people all around the globe. A very interesting video that showcases the future of the video game industry. David Perry, a game designer, talks about the potential of video games to become more fun, engaging, and [...]

 Avatrian Featured in Avenue November Issue

Chenin Anabuki of Avatrian was recently interviewed by Isadora Fiddlesticks in the November Issue of Avenue – a popular in-world magazine. This is the second time that Avatrian was featured by Isadora in the magazine. Last time, Avatrian talked about the RMB City project and the Yokohama Triennale. This time, it’s all about Avatrian: the [...]