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 Rodion Resistance in SL Offical Guide

“…metaverse companies are springing up in the developing world, taking advantage of talented and technically skilled workers who can do high quality 3D content creation and other SL work for a much lower salary than their American and European counterparts. The metaverse, in other words, is being outsourced. At this writing, there are such companies [...]

 Nurien: The New Form of Social Media

Nurien is a new category of social networking service where they provide users a more powerful way of expressing their identities by enabling them to create their own unique avatars, fashion, 3D objects, and legacy media. Nurien is very much similar to Second Life, but has more detailed avatars and objects because it uses [...]

 59 Raincoats for 59 Kids

Catmon is one of Cebu, Philippines’ remote, provincial towns. This mountainous and hilly patch of flat land houses 20 different barangays — Tabili being one of them.

59 raincoats, 59 school kids, 2 teachers, and 2 Avatrians
Tabili has one school for all of its pupils. The Tabili Elementary school has 59 students and two [...]

 Hamlet Au’s write-up on RMB City

Wagner James Au recently announced in his blog the opening of RMB City in London’s famous Serpentine Gallery. The gallery has been a home to the works of a lot of world renowned artists including China’s very own Guanghzhou artist, Cao Fei. China Tracy (the name of Cao Fei’s avatar in the virtual community, Second [...]

 MeshPatterns: A promising tool for meshy situations

It’s not everyday that you will get an invitation to a private demo of a promising tool developed in SL. But that is exactly what I got when a fellow from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Ernesto Riestra (or Tonatiuh Yalin in SL) is a Mechatronics Engineer who spends his time exploring the the limits [...]

 Testing our Peek 360 app