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 Second Life Banned

The birth of virtual worlds has indeed been one of technology’s greatest development. A lot of things are made possible by these communities. You can go as far as your mind can take you. But then, technology has no control over the imagination of people. It completely caters to all sorts of thoughts. And yes, [...]

 OpenSim for Sculpty Builds

Initially, the Patron statue of RMB City was finished in OpenSim . We discovered that we save a lot of Linden dollars that way. Sculpts can waste so much Linden dollars if we do preliminary work in Second Life. Unused textures will accumulate in your inventory. With the use of OpenSim, you can download texture [...]

 Powered-up Career Seeking in SL

Second Life has been a bridge to a lot of experiences all over the world. Some paralytic people have been able to move in SL. Normal people were able to understand how difficult life is for Schizophrenic patients. And the grid has also been used for Artificial Intelligence experiments as well. A lot of things [...]

 The Leviathan of Parsonstown

In the field of astronomy, the Victorian era’s most significant contribution was the Leviathan of Parsonstown. At the time, it was the largest telescope ever built in the world. William Parsons (3rd Earl of Rosse) built this telescope on the Birr Castle at Parsonstown in Ireland. The construction took over three years and consisted of [...]

 New SL Default Avatars

Linden Lab has announced the new set of default avatars for newbies. New residents will now be able to sport looks that they can be proud of. Top designers in Second Life all contributed to provide cutting-edge avatars for newbies. Different styles are made available to all types of people. So whether your vibe is [...]

 First Virtual “Thesis Defense” in SL

One of Second Life’s firsts — Online students of one of America’s Best Colleges, Drexel University Online, defended their thesis inside SL last June 5th. Six students made their marks in history by virtually participating in this ordinary school activity. Instead of feeling nervous about the new procedure, Shawn Brown (the first of the 6 [...]

 Which Default Avatar is Cool?

Newbies undergo a lot of pressure in improving the look of their avatars upon joining the Second Life community. After all, these are the virtual representations of themselves. But before they actually learn the ropes in improving their avatars, they go through a lot of endless shame and embarrassment. All residents and users of SL [...]

 Using Second Life is not green?

This month’s issue of Wired magazine has an interesting Second Life statistic in the Mr. Know-It-All column. Here’s the precise excerpt:
“According to Julian Bleecker, cofounder of design think tank the Near Future Laboratory, the average Second Life avatar requires 1,248 kilowatt hours of electricity to “exist” for a year — 153 kWh [...]

 Paralysed Man Moving in SL

Thousands of people from all around the world are suffering from severe paralysis. And though, they live, they don’t have a life. Most of these people lose hope and they refuse to undergo rehabilitation. They are angry and sad at the situation that they have been thrust into. They suddenly get the urge just to [...]

 SL Goes Mobile

For a lot of residents in Second Life, it has been a home. But there are times when RL issues push them somewhere else. Now, they can literally take SL in their pockets wherever they go.
Vollee service brought the Second Life virtual world into mobile phones. Its intelligent technology perfectly adapts the Second Life grid. [...]