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 Literally “Stepping Into” History

Source: Association of Virtual Worlds
The Alliance Learning System in cooperation with learningtimes.net, will hold a one-day conference exploring the possibilities of using virtual worlds to teach history and to promote its appreciation, on June 10, 2008:
What if instead of talking about history, we could experience it? What if, instead of looking at photos and drawings [...]

 SL Concurrency 66k and Holding

Though Second Life has reached its maximum concurrency recently, it could not be denied any longer that the daily max concurrency has been lingering between 60-66k for the last few months. It has showed no sign at all of ever going beyond that range. Wagner James Au suggested various reasons for this consistently low concurrency [...]

 Virtual Worlds: A Great Venue for Real R&D

Artificial intelligence researchers at New York’s Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is using Second Life as grounds for testing the forerunner to more complex AI creations, which is Edd the robot.

Selmer Bringsjord says that Second Life is a very inexpensive way of testing their technologies. The virtual worlds provide a very comfortable environment for AI creators.
Second [...]

 Virtual Storefront Fails

Despite the huge success of Second Life as a metaverse environment, Gartner recently states in an article that majority of the virtual worlds launched by businessmen has surprisingly failed in just 18 months or less.
This maybe due to the lack of full comprehension that these virtual worlds will basically be the transition from web [...]

 Avatrian in Inquirer.net

The Inquirer.net featured Avatrian in one of its blogs after Mr. Rodion Herrera’s presentation in the Social Networking and eBusiness Conference Philippines last May 21, 2008.
As a Metaverse Consulting company, Avatrian seeks to encourage the Filipino business communities to recognize the high potentiality of conducting business in virtual worlds. The company emphasizes the fast [...]

 Second Life: Tamed for Corporate Consumption

Although, The Virtual world Conference has passed. One thing that deserves a second look is Steve Lohr’s article about Second Life being on the verge of merging a deal with IBM. Take a glimpse of a few of the commentator’s reactions on this article or better yet you’d want to give your two cents on [...]

 Border Guards Train using Second Life

Source: New World Notes
Loyalist College’s Virtual World Design Centre, based in Ontario, came up with a unique virtual training system that utilizes Second Life to train future Canadian Border guards. Check out this great video:

 The Best of Web 2.0 Expo

Being a metaverse development company (MDC), Avatrian’s work has natural overlaps with technology from the Web 2.0 realm. Hence, I made sure to be there at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco during the annual event last week. At the time, it was all a bit of a blur since there are [...]

 UC Davis Virtual Hallucinations

Schizophrenia is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes the mental illness characterized by impairments in the perception of reality. It most commonly manifests auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions, disorganized speech, thinking of one’s self as a significant social or occupational dysfunction.
The UC Davis Virtual Hallucination created by Yellowlees in Second Life aims to make people [...]

 Cory Ondrejka on Virtual Worlds

This is a slide show presentation featuring Cory Ondrejka’s own interpretation of the importance of virtual worlds as technology advances. He entices his listeners to take note of interesting thoughts pointed out in this presentation.
If you want to view the presentation. Please click on the image below.