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 Career Networking in SL.

This article basically discusses the network opportunities available in Second Life. It explains how users would be able to exemplify their business experiences inside the virtual world through a helpful set of chronological steps presented by the author.
To read the full article, please click the IT world.com banner.

 Lawrence Lessig: How Creativity is strangled by the law

TED means Technology, Entertainment, Design. Started on 1984, it began as a conference with the aim of bringing people from those three worlds together. Since then,TED has become a very good source of progressive ideas. The annual convention now brings together the world’s most renowned thinkers and doers, all of which are challenged to give [...]

 The Tree of Antiquity

The Tree of Antiquity is created with the combining of root structures, broad leafy branches, and gently shaped leaves. This tree is not ordinary as it tries to capture an ancient and venerable nature. The tree is inspired by the unique blend of features of the Acacia, African Baobab, and Banyan (Balete) trees. It is [...]

 Avatrian in the Philippines Outsourcing Review

The founder of Avatrian was featured by Ms. Janette Toral in the Philippines Outsourcing Review website. The article describes how Mr. Dennis Bacsafra came up with the concept of creating his company. Ms. Toral expounded on the work and purpose of Avatrian as a full-service metaverse development shop. Please click on the image above [...]

 Virtual Tourists in SL

In the article “Second Life Sends Users on Virtual Vacation”, the author, Cherilyn Parsons of the San Francisco Chronicles, describes her first-hand experience in having a virtual vacation in SL. She talks about discovering the highs and lows of being a virtual tourist. And she discusses the way she is able to find things that [...]

 The Mode Complex

The Mode Complex is a multi-purpose, pre-fab building constructed in Second Life by Avatrian for Dwelling Spaces. It is an original design with a modernist minimal approach in architecture.

The structure was built to enhance the serene and calm atmosphere of the Avatrian Dwelling Spaces in SL. As a result, the complex exudes a metropolitan air…making [...]