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 Virtuals Worlds Featured in Upcoming Documentary Film

From award-winning Pure West Documentaries comes an intimate, disturbing story about three sets of computer gamers, whose lives have been transformed by the emerging genre of virtual worlds and MMORPGS, such as World of Warcraft, Second Life, and Everquest. Second Skin introduces us to couples who have fallen in love without ever meeting, disabled players [...]

 Avatrian @ the Virtual Worlds 2008, NYC

Start spreading the news. Avatrian will be an exhibitor at the Virtual Worlds 2008 in NYC this coming April 3 and 4. The Virtual Worlds 2008 is where leading media, consumer entertainment, youth brands and agencies come to understand how to monetize their intellectual property using virtual worlds. Look for our booth [...]

 Chenin comments on SFGate review

Taylor Clark of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote a review about the new book by Tim Guest…”Second Lives: A Journey Through Virtual Worlds”. I could not help but comment because it was fairly evident that the author has a very superficial understanding of virtual worlds and Second Life itself. The article is riddled [...]

 Real World Geography for The Terrain Factory

For a brief moment early this year, Avatrian took a break in the area of terraforming. This is mainly because we had been preoccupied in producing and marketing our line of armours, hosting events, doing client work, etc. But now, we have produced 6 new terrain designs for our Terrain Factory collection.
The new terrains are [...]

 Bettina Tizzy at Avatrian

What started out to be a gift giving activity of sharing the Cupid for The Avatrian Team turns out to be an opportunity to meet one of SL’s well-known characters. Bettina Tizzy (wearing a chinese-inspired costume) of “Not Possible in Real Life” came to visit Avatrian and later along with her two creative and famous [...]

 Bonji’s Kissing Booth

After being relentlessly stricken by the Avatrian Cupid, Bonji is feeling much LOVE this Valentines season. This stud wants to spread the love to any lady in Second Life. But not to every lady, she has to wear the Avatrian Cupid. You can get this cute little angel in our Dwelling Spaces for free. Because [...]

 Be Cupid’s Valentine Target!

Not feeling the love this Valentines? Let Cupid strike you with his arrows of love.
The Avatrian Cupid is a freebie. It’s our own unique way of celebrating Valentines day…letting all avatars be hit by Cupid’s arrows. The Avatrian Cupid is an attachment which follows you anywhere you go and constantly strikes you with little [...]

 The Wedding of Legend and Kami

As far as SL weddings go, this one takes the cake. Not only was it well attended, but it was also a very organized ceremony. All the guests enjoyed the occasion and was happy to witness the union between Legend and Kami. Chenin Anabuki was fortunate enough to play a small role as [...]