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 Protect Your Skin

High quality skin is probably one of the single largest investment a discerning avatar can make in Second Life. So, don’t leave it exposed and vulnerable to injury…most especially in combat sims. The Medieval Corridor now has a new line of Spell Fire enabled armours. Finally, form and function goes hand-in-hand.

Showroom Location:
Some of our armours [...]

 Custom Avatar from RL Images

Avatrian’s services include the development of a fully custom avatar made to appear as close as possible to its real life counterpart. Recently, Avatrian in collaboration with Slionhead, has created an avatar in Second Life for Mr. Versteeg. He is the CEO of Sogeti Netherlands.

From the composite image, the left side of the [...]

 Avatrian Team Meets, Spars with Spell Fire Creator

Recently, the Avatrian Team had the rare privilege to encounter the very talented builder and scripter Aaron Cerveau, well-known in Second Life as the developer of the very popular Fantasy-themed combat system known as SPELL FIRE.

As you may know, Avatrian has recently started to slowly adapt and integrate the Spell Fire combat system into selected [...]

 Robbie Dingo’s SCREENBURN_

Once again showing his prowess at elegantly showcasing Second Life as a platform for independent film maker / story-teller, Robbie Dingo brings us his latest effort called SCREENBURN_ . It is a machinima composed of several parts and is a work in progress.

Robbie defines the word “screenburn” as “a permanent disfigurement of areas on a [...]

 NASA CoLab Video

Universa Vanalten created this video to present the virtual world’s capability of accessing the history and future of space navigation. The film showcases footages of actual SL locations (NASA CoLab) pertaining to the beginnings of space exploration in history. It effectively and chronologically presents the RL space events with those captured in SL.
Avatrian took part [...]

 Cory’s 2008 Predictions

Source: Collapsing Geography (January 3, 2008)
It’s infused with a bit of self-promotion (prediction 1 and 10 in particular). But, it will be interesting to see how much of this comes true. All from Linden Lab’s former CTO.
Read the whole article here

 The Warrior Princess

The Warrior Princess is a recurring figure in both medieval and mythological literature. Alexander the Great has been romantically linked to the queen on an all-female warrior tribe while on his way to conquering Persia. Meanwhile, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and television’s representation of Xena are relatively modern day incarnations of this timeless persona. [...]