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 A Second Life for the Philippine President

Being in the metaverse business, it is not surprising to Avatrian that many notable people in real life also have become residents of Second Life. It is a rapidly growing technology that offers many opportunities. But to be quite honest, even this news caught us off-guard. The President of the Philippines, Gloria [...]

 CPAs Find an Island on Second Life

Source: WebCPA (November 21, 2007)
Accounting firms are starting to go virtual and setting up shop on Second Life.
A few weeks ago, I wrote about how futurist Edie Weiner recently predicted that accountants might need to start keeping track of money in Second Life’s virtual currency, Linden dollars (see Accounting in Linden Dollars). I received a [...]

 Making ‘Second Life’ More Like Real Life

Source: ABC News (November 21, 2007)
You can always spot the novices in the virtual reality world of “Second Life”: Their online characters or avatars stumble around awkwardly and walk into objects, as their real-world users fumble with the keyboard controls.
Now, technology from Japan could help make navigating online virtual worlds simpler by letting players use [...]

 The Medieval Corridor opens its doors

Please join us for the launch event of two new medieval armours. The 15th century Italianate Harness of Milanese design and the Teutonic Knight avatar of Germanic origin are now available. Avatrian will be demoing these new creations at the event. And, we will also be giving away for free two versions of our English [...]

 WindLight Video Tutorial by Torley Linden

This video is all about the gazillion options a user has with WindLight, SL’s new atmospheric rendering. WindLight “simulates the ways that sunlight is scattered by the atmosphere under different climatic conditions, such as fog or haze”.
Trust me, it’s a beauty.
Watch the very entertaining, very informative video by Torley Linden here.

 Second Chance Trees–Helping To Save the Rainforests Through SL

Second Chance Trees is a project by Converseon and Plant-It 2020 that gives all residents of Second Life the opportunity to help save our rainforests. All a resident needs to do is visit the Second Chance Island in-world and purchase one of ten different kinds of rainforest trees for 300 Linden dollars. The purchase of [...]

 CNN Enters the Virtual World of Second Life

Just 6 days ago, CNN conducted their first ever in-world training session facilitated by CNN anchors and correspondents. They’re encouraging residents to share their own “SL I-Reports” about events occurring within the virtual world. These I-Reports started out as a staple segment in the TV news network where viewers can send in their stories and [...]

 The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life

CNET senior writer Daniel Terdiman has just released a book on making money in the metaverse and it’s called The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life. His thesis? You must have a plan and you must work hard if you want to make it as an SL entrepreneur. According to Mark Wallace, in his blog 3pointD, [...]

 The iPhone Gets a Second Life

There’s been a lot of speculation regarding a Second Life presence in the iPhone. In mid-2007, a week after the release of the iPhone in the US, the Times Online published an article about the possibility of being connected to SL through the mobile.
It’s been a few months since the iPhone was released and [...]

 CNN Video on SL Commerce

This is a CNN interview with Daniel Terdiman, Second Life resident and author of the book An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Second Life. In this five-minute video, he discusses what draws people to Second Life and what makes them stay including how they make money inside the metaverse.
Watch the video here.