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 Mobile SL in MovableLife

There’s another beneficial tool that people can utilize to keep abreast of their Second Life even when they’re away from their computer. It’s similar to the Ajaxlife website that we blogged about earlier. It’s called MovableLife and it “allows Second Life users to log in to Second Life using only a web browser. MovableLife allows [...]

 Ajaxlife: SL Outside of Your PC

Ajaxlife is a tool that you can use to access Second Life when you’re not logged on through your personal computer or laptop. The program’s interface allows you to accept or decline friendship requests. And it gives you the added convenience of paying people through their profiles. But its most useful feature, and the main [...]

 All About Outer Space at Avatrian

A Second Life Event: October 4, Thursday, 5:00 – 700 pm SL time
Location: Avatrian Central sim (SLurl 77/126/53)

Avatrian is hosting an outer space get-together. We are giving away free spacesuits with animation overrides to mimic spacewalk. Also, for the first time, we are making our Silver Bullet (a sleekly upgraded version of the Ben Linden [...]