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 Burning Life 2007 Begins Today!

Source: Linden Blog (September 24, 2007)
Burning Life celebrates the launch of its fifth year gracing the Second Life community. Below, you’ll find important details on how you can enjoy this year’s celebration of art, music, and culture. And don’t forget to peek at the Burning Life flickr stream and pick up the complete Burning Life [...]

 World’s Largest Media Company Goes Long on Online Video Investments

This is an interview of Andrew Cleland of Time Warner Investments, the venture arm of the world’s biggest media company. In addition to Time Warner’s investment focus in online video, he also spoke about their views and take on investments in the virtual worlds.
You can watch the full interview here.

 Koinup: A New Venue for Sharing Your Virtual Life

A new social network has just made its online debut. Called Koinup, the network is entirely about the lives of residents from all virtual worlds. The website provides a venue where virtual lives and experiences are shared, contacts with other people from 3D worlds can be established, and pictures, videos (machinima), and stories that have [...]

 Homes from Dwelling Spaces now listed at OnRez

Shop OnRez is an online marketplace that provides buying and selling tools on the Web and in-world. At present, it is the most advanced ecommerce solution for Second Life users. Avatrian now participates in the Shop OnRez marketplace by listing four of our residential home creations from the Dwelling Spaces product line. You [...]

 Learning Architecture In A Virtual World

Source: CBS News (September 18, 2007)
Designing buildings in a virtual world brings up some interesting philosophical issues that he and other virtual architects like to debate. There are those who argue, for example, that architectural students should only be able to design buildings that could actually be built in the real world and others who [...]

 Watching a Cyber Audience Watch a Real Orchestra Perform in a Virtual World

Source: The New York Times (September 18, 2007)
Call it the future, call it a stunt, Second Life is attracting more and more attention, and classical music is starting to get in on the act. Universal Classics has built an online island where visitors can inspect a replica of the exhibition of artifacts associated with the [...]

 Linden plans resident-to-resident land auctions

Source: Reuters/SecondLife (September 14, 2007)
Linden Lab plans to use its new land auction software, currently under development, to allow real estate auctions between residents, a spokeswoman said on Thursday.
Jeska Dzwigalski, product manager for Linden Lab, told Reuters the company hopes its use of the FairMarket auction platform, a technology owned by online auction giant eBay, [...]

 Avatrian, an Official Solution Provider at the Second Life GRID

As of today, Avatrian is listed as a full-service solution provider to the Second Life platform. This recognizes the company’s ability to provide start-to-finish management of complex or large-scale projects, such as building out an entire island or creating a large event for many participants.
Linden Labs has created the Second Life GRID (www.secondlifegrid.net) as [...]

 Virtual Recruitment, Real Jobs

How your fantasy life can get you a real job
by By Eve Tahmincioglu, MSNBC contributor
Online community Second Life becomes venue for recruiting, interviewing. Companies that have interviewed candidates at the virtual job fairs included Sodexho, the food management company that hired Giordano, as well as Microsoft and Verizon, among others.
“Competition on a global scale is [...]

 SL as a Significant Advancement in Science

(SOURCE: Second Life Homepage)
Steve Tobak of C|Net writes about how Second Life is showing us the “baby steps” towards the development of a natural evolutionary process that can very well advance human civilization.
“After all, what is Second Life and others like it but a first attempt at replicating our world in virtual space? That’s huge. [...]