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 Machinima for Advertising

Here is a good example of using machinimas as a compelling way to advertise virtual product.
Watch the full machinima here.

 A Synopsis of the SLCC 2007 from Avatrian

With four separate tracks, multiple socials, and a bunch of unofficial events, the SLCC 2007 can leave you with a “what just happened?” feeling after departing Chicago. This article is an attempt to consolidate the key learnings from this important gathering based on Avatrian’s own experience and point of view.
* The sense [...]

 Chicago Tribune’s take on the SLCC 2007

The first time members of the leading online virtual world got together for the face-to-face reality of the Second Life Community Convention, it was a lexicographer’s dream. The complete article can be viewed here
Source: Steve Johnson, Chicago Tribune (August 24, 2007)

 Polygons now listed at SLExchange.com

SL Exchange is a premier Second Life-integrated commerce website featuring real-time shopping, real estate listings, and full-fledged currency exchange. Avatrian recognizes the thriving marketplace of buyers and sellers that are engaged in the platform. In this regard, we have listed a sample set of our Polygons furniture collection available for sale.
You [...]

 The Great Gridwide Goldrush

Here is a very interactive approach to marketing in-world brands and locations in Second Life. Instead of just brandishing billboards and ads, it gives SL residents something challenging and fun to do. The idea is to search for all these hidden gold nuggets. In the process, you end up visiting sims and [...]

 Virtual Worlds: The Next Facebook?

CNN.COM’s Linnie Rawlinson writes a report about the possibility of Second Life becoming the “Facebook of the Future”.
“…If virtual worlds become the next Facebook phenomenon, experts predict that logging on to a luxury lifestyle could be attainable for all of us — and we might even spend more money on our online homes than on [...]

 Avatrian becomes an LLC in California

Although the company operations began as early as October of 2006, the legal paperwork to convert the business entity into a Limited Liability Company (LLC) was completed on August 13, 2007. Avatrian is now an official LLC registered by the Secretary of State of California.
What does this mean?
LLCs are similar [...]

 Avatrian Staff Gets Babbled

Avatrians began using the freebie Babbler translation utility last week as a means to assist in communicating with non-English speakers in Second Life. Babbler is a mashup between Second Life and Yahoo! Pipes. It allows your chatting to be translated. It translates you to a language of your choice, as well as others people to [...]

 Library Of Congress To Preserve Games, Virtual Worlds

…Library of Congress announcement further notes that Linden Lab’s popular virtual world Second Life will play a vital role in the project, with online communities such as Life to the Second Power, Democracy Island and the International Spaceflight Museum tapped to participate in the project. In addition to virtual worlds such as Second Life, Lowood [...]

 Innovative Use of Flickr for Second Life

Source: Flickr.com (August 6, 2007)
I was browsing through some of the creations and snapshots of my contacts in Flickr. I happened upon this one by Khamudy Mannonen (I imagine that it might be his SL avatar name). Anyway, the image is entitled “The Problems of the Male Avatar”. In the short blurb [...]