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 Is Second Life a “Failure”?

For the past few weeks and days, several major US West Coast infotech press circles have been seemingly trying to paint Second Life as “a dismal failure” in the peer-to-peer media and E-PR circles, and that major brands and corporations are beginning to abandon the platform. Here are links to examples of such articles:
from L. [...]

 A Glimpse Inside the Metaverse

In a rather “retro-esque” move, Google Channel decides to post an “introductory lecture” called “A Glimpse Inside the Metaverse” (a video about the metaverse platform called Second Life) in YouTube (posted on July 23, 2007).

Take note that the actual video itself was shot on March 1, 2006, more than sixteen months ago. Some of the [...]

 Alternate Universe

Source: Newsweek International (July 30, 2007)
Second Life is emerging as a powerful new medium for social interactions of all sorts, from romance to making money. It may be the Internet’s next big thing.
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 Free U-XTX Spacesuits to Friends of Avatrian

A new series of Avatrian spacesuits have been created and made available for free to friends of Avatrian. Considering the futuristic theme of Avatrian Central sim’s ground level, we took the initiative in making avatar clothing that will blend in this environment. This latest addition to the Avatrian clothing line was created to improve the [...]

 IMVU: 3D Avatar Instant Messenger

I found out about this company via a friend from work. It is not Second Life or Entropia Universe in terms of depth and interaction. But, it is interesting to see the varied levels of participation in the arena of virtual worlds. Who knows? It might grow to the point of [...]

 Avatrian is now in MySpace

Our presence in MySpace is officially launched today. This is in recognition of the fact that there is a good overlap between users of Second Life and MySpace account holders. We are in MySpace to meet new friends that we might not have otherwise encountered in-world. For us, it is a vehicle [...]

 China Tracy visits Avatrian Central

Chinese artist and Second Life user China Tracy (Cao Fei in real life) visited Avatrian Central last Wednesday, July 18. To those who are not familiar with Cao Fei, she is an emerging Chinese contemporary film and visual artist based in Beijing, already gaining fame in her home country, and has participated in various art [...]

 Pathways to the 3D Web

Source: Metaverse Roadmap
What happens when video games meet Web 2.0? When virtual worlds meet geospatial maps of the planet? When simulations get real and life and business go virtual? When you use a virtual Earth to navigate the physical Earth, and your avatar becomes your online agent? What happens is the metaverse…
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 MUD creator Richard Bartle on the state of virtual worlds

Source: Guardian Unlimited Blogs
Here’s the full interview of MUD creator Richard Bartle, co-creator of the original Multi-User Dungeon (MUD), set up back in 1978 at the University of Essex. The interview covers everything from the limits of online communication to the future of virtual worlds…
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 Students Create Pocket Virtual Worlds

Source: Metaversed, Business and Technology News

Researchers at Bowling Green State University and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland have created technology that allows students to explore virtual representations of the real world through a PDA. According to toledoblade.com, the base data is created using a special camera with a cone-shaped mirror that can take full [...]