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 Avatrian’s grid in OpenSim

The beginnings of Avatrian’s very own grid in OpenSim is a humble configuration of 9 contiguous simulators. Even so, it is already far wider and much more spacious than our Second Life land holdings. And our expansion possibilities are only limited by the capacity of our server hardware. The other big advantage [...]

 Virtual Worlds Interoperability Announced

Different virtual worlds are fast emerging. New things and new communities are being built, tools and softwares are being updated everyday. Advance technologies are being invented to cater to higher consumer demands. But users do not wish to waste the time and energy of signing-up on every new virtual world that is released. That is [...]

 OpenSim for Sculpty Builds

Initially, the Patron statue of RMB City was finished in OpenSim . We discovered that we save a lot of Linden dollars that way. Sculpts can waste so much Linden dollars if we do preliminary work in Second Life. Unused textures will accumulate in your inventory. With the use of OpenSim, you can download texture [...]