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 Redesigning BLiSS

The newly redesigned BLiSS interface is intended to make it more intuitive and easier for users. Avatrian’s radical change makes it more obvious that the combination of crop selections will determine how many explorers can be supported in a mission. Resources needed for input are directly tied to the production output of oxygen, [...]

 Whisper by VComm – A voice solution for OpenSim

I have to admit, no matter how many people enjoy the benefits of OpenSim, its a pain to maintain and improve OpenSim. Coupled with the idea that I work on a Windows setup, the problems complicate especially that most Windows setups rely on binaries rather than source code.
I have worked a lot trying to implement [...]

 An Interview for Hypergrid Business

I had a long conversation with Maria Korolov the other day. She was particularly interested in Avatrian’s consulting services in the OpenSim platform. We spoke for about an hour. After giving her a background of the company, I went into detail regarding our past experiences in the OpenSim platform. Avatrian has [...]

 Avatrian Opensim Upgraded

Avatrian Grid has been upgraded to the new code database based on the Opensimulator 0.6.9 which is the latest release. So far everything is running smoothly. Inventory access glitches have been minimized and all seems pretty stable. Here are some major list of changes from the core developers:
* Teleport offers implemented

 Massive Simulation of Yellowstone National Park in ScienceSim

This caught our attention lately–a massive virtual representation of the Yellowstone National Park in ScienceSim, an OpenSim space. Imagine, 1024 regions in a 32×32 grid, all in ONE machine! According to the researchers, in this configuration, it took a full 8 hours for all 1024 regions to completely rez.

Read the entire article here. Thanks goes [...]

 Avatrian and CET meet up inside OpenSim

Avatrian and the Center for Educational Technologies (CET) staff held a meeting in the 9-sim Avatria continent, on the Opensim-based Avatrian Grid. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the CET Team to OpenSim’s features and potentials. Bonji recorded some footage of the meeting as it transpired and turned it into a short music [...]

 The Medaverse migrates to OpenSim

Originally developed for the SL platform, The Medaverse sim has now been completely moved to Avatrian’s own grid, called Avatria in the OpenSim platform. The project was conceived by Barb Carson as a medical and educational sim focusing on respiratory issues. In general, the OpenSim migration was fairly smooth and was completed within [...]

 The Continent of Avatria…a grid in OpenSim

The surface of Avatrian’s OpenSim grid is dominated by a cluster of 9 sim contiguous regions that we call the continent of Avatria. Primodial, expansive, raw and untouched are words that best describe its current state. This machinima documents this early stage of the continent to serve as a reference point since the continent [...]

 Joining OpenSimulator.org’s grid list

As of today, Avatrian’s grid has been included in OpenSimulator.org’s official list of public grids in the platform. You can check out our profile here…. The site is the central repository of developer information on the latest builds and development on the open source application.

 Time for an Upgrade

Our new high-end AMD Phenom 2 x2 550 has 4GB of memory with an Nvidia GTX 280 OC graphics card of 1GB gddr3 memory. It has 1.4 terabytes of storage in two drives housed in a 3D Aurora chassis. Why so big was my first question? It turns out that all this [...]