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 Wacky, Sexy and Fun: The RMB City “Naked Idol” Contest

I recently got invited to be a judge during the RMB City “Naked Idol” Contest. It basically mimics the well-known “Idol” competition format, where contestants showcase their talents to a group of three “celebrity” judges. However, in this particular contest, talent is defined more to be how the participants “assembled” or created their look for [...]

 “Naked Idol” Contest in RMB City

RMB City is hosting a contest entitled “Naked Idol”, a nude avatar contest. This contest will take place at the RMB City People’s Park on June 13, 2010 @8:00PM SLT. Take note that the term “nude avatar” as used in the contest, does not only pertain to the obvious superficial meaning–the contest will not only [...]

 Cao Fei a.k.a. China Tracy nominated for Hugo Boss Award

Cao Fei, the Chinese artist who commissioned Avatrian LLC to develop RMB City, was recently nominated by the Guggenheim Foundation for the prestigious Hugo Boss Prize. Awarded every other year to an artist (or group of artists) working in any medium, the prize is administered by the Guggenheim Museum and sponsored by the Hugo Boss [...]

 RMB City Installs New Mayor During 1st Year Anniv Celebrations

Rodion dropped by RMB City on January 10th, 2010 to attend the RMB City 1st Anniversary Celebrations, representing Avatrian LLC. The affair was held in the newly restructured People’s Marketplace, a section of RMB City that evokes the public marketplaces of China.
Highlighting the event was installation of Erica Dubach, a.k.a. E3a Digital, as RMB City’s [...]

 RMB City makes the cut

Hamlet Au recently published a listing of the most popular sims in Second Life. This was based on the views received by the sims in Koin-Up. And, it is nice to see that RMB City is on the list at #17. RMB City is an online art community in the virtual world [...]

 Immersive Art in Second Life

Art21 blogger Nettrice Gaskins talks to Second Life artists about their experiences in “immersive art” inside Second Life. Interestingly, the “cover” page of the blog for this article is none other than the “People’s Patron Saint in RMB City”, a sculpture created by Avatrian for Cao Fei’s RMB City Immersive Art installation inside Second Life.
Read [...]

 Re-Opening of RMB City

The prolific Mr. Hamlet Au hosted the New World Gala event for the re-opening of RMB City. As billed, it was a night of art and music inspired by RMB City. Cao Fei, the Beijing-based artist who conceptualized the idea of RMB City, is present at the event to meet her friends and [...]

 Mayor AlanLau Nirvana and People’s Limbo Project

On April 25th, RMB City will host a special event, featuring press conference by newly-inaugurated Mayor AlanLau Nirvana (RL: Alan Lau), and a preview of the People’s Limbo interactive art project.
After his inauguration on April 18th, Mayor AlanLau Nirvana announced a press conference to reveal his exciting new “RMB City Stimulus Package”, with [...]

 Qi of RMB City

Master Q’s guide to virtual Feng Shui in RMB City.
Director: Cao Fei (SL: China Tracy)
Concept / Script: Huang He (SL: QueenShoe Voom)
Translation: Venus Lau (SL: Nokan Vlodovic)
Project Manager: Samantha Culp (SL: Miniature Tigerpaw)
Project Coordinator: Mengxian Li (SL: Ume Freiman)
Engineer of Fengshui Project: Sinewave
Camera / Editing: Machitopia
Co-produced by Kaaitheater, Festival PERFORMATIK 09, Brussels, Belgium
RMB City project [...]

 People’s Monthly: Issue #1

RMB City’s first issue of the bi-monthly publication, People’s Monthly, is now available online. Pages 9 to 13 of the 43 page issue is entitled “It was not built in a day” covering a dialogue with Dennis Bacsafra (SL: Chenin Anabuki) and Rodion Herrera (SL: Rodion Resistance) about the development of RMB City and [...]