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 Hands Free 3-D

Virtual Worlds are fast becoming popular. And each day, more and more discoveries are being made to improve virtual experiences in metaverse communities
Most recently, a prototypical interface was designed by Mitch Kapor and Philippe Bossut to demonstrate the possibilities of operating Second Life without a mouse or keyboard. They used a 3D camera which is [...]

 Space Navigator 3D Mouse

Second Life is the leading 3-D virtual world in the metaverse community. And 3Dconnexion, a Logitech Company, is providing SL users a better way of navigating the 3D world. The Space Navigator for Notebooks has been described as a portable solution to the woes of traveling 3D designers and enthusiasts. Interaction with your 3D world [...]

 Making ‘Second Life’ More Like Real Life

Source: ABC News (November 21, 2007)
You can always spot the novices in the virtual reality world of “Second Life”: Their online characters or avatars stumble around awkwardly and walk into objects, as their real-world users fumble with the keyboard controls.
Now, technology from Japan could help make navigating online virtual worlds simpler by letting players use [...]

 Mobile SL in MovableLife

There’s another beneficial tool that people can utilize to keep abreast of their Second Life even when they’re away from their computer. It’s similar to the Ajaxlife website that we blogged about earlier. It’s called MovableLife and it “allows Second Life users to log in to Second Life using only a web browser. MovableLife allows [...]

 Ajaxlife: SL Outside of Your PC

Ajaxlife is a tool that you can use to access Second Life when you’re not logged on through your personal computer or laptop. The program’s interface allows you to accept or decline friendship requests. And it gives you the added convenience of paying people through their profiles. But its most useful feature, and the main [...]

 Koinup: A New Venue for Sharing Your Virtual Life

A new social network has just made its online debut. Called Koinup, the network is entirely about the lives of residents from all virtual worlds. The website provides a venue where virtual lives and experiences are shared, contacts with other people from 3D worlds can be established, and pictures, videos (machinima), and stories that have [...]

 Linden plans resident-to-resident land auctions

Source: Reuters/SecondLife (September 14, 2007)
Linden Lab plans to use its new land auction software, currently under development, to allow real estate auctions between residents, a spokeswoman said on Thursday.
Jeska Dzwigalski, product manager for Linden Lab, told Reuters the company hopes its use of the FairMarket auction platform, a technology owned by online auction giant eBay, [...]

 Avatrian Staff Gets Babbled

Avatrians began using the freebie Babbler translation utility last week as a means to assist in communicating with non-English speakers in Second Life. Babbler is a mashup between Second Life and Yahoo! Pipes. It allows your chatting to be translated. It translates you to a language of your choice, as well as others people to [...]

 IMVU: 3D Avatar Instant Messenger

I found out about this company via a friend from work. It is not Second Life or Entropia Universe in terms of depth and interaction. But, it is interesting to see the varied levels of participation in the arena of virtual worlds. Who knows? It might grow to the point of [...]

 Pathways to the 3D Web

Source: Metaverse Roadmap
What happens when video games meet Web 2.0? When virtual worlds meet geospatial maps of the planet? When simulations get real and life and business go virtual? When you use a virtual Earth to navigate the physical Earth, and your avatar becomes your online agent? What happens is the metaverse…
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