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 A Pitbull in the works

Following the development path of the Pug and Doberman, we are now modeling a virtual Pitbull for a client. The features are not complete yet. But, the image shows the organic sculpt of the Pitbull head as it is being created. Final output will be rendered and textured for Second Life pet [...]

 3D Meshes via COLLADA in Second Life

Picked up from New World Notes: 3D Meshes via COLLADA (COLLAborative Design Activity), in Second Life might just be around the corner. What does this mean? From a builder’s perspective…a LOT!

Collada allows rigging which means: Wearable clothing, entire avatar replacements that bend with animations!
Five submeshes for each object
Four different Levels Of Detail
One [...]

 Gesture-Based Computing Boon for Virtual Builders?

Robert Wang, a computer scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Artificial Intelligence Lab. has developed a system that could bring gesture-based computing to the masses and it requires nothing more than a pair of multicoloured latex gloves, a webcam and a laptop.
As seen in the video, the device has a lot [...]

 Awesome Lego Printer

This Lego machine can draw! Considering that it uses a fat-tipped felt-tip pen, this Lego printer makes a surprisingly detailed image. That’s pretty awesome, and the little lego figures operating it are a great final-touch. What I like most is that it is so slick to use, showing up in the OS X printer dialog [...]

 The Real “Minority Report” User Interface

The Real “Minority Report” User Interface may just be around the corner. In a recent TED presentation,  John Underkoffler shows off the amazing capabilities of G-Speak – the real-life version of the film’s eye-popping, tai chi-meets-cyberspace computer interface.  With G-Speak, everything on screen can be directly manipulated by gestures such as pointing, and [...]

 Now in WordPress 2.9.2

Thanks to the diligent work of Clifford, “Our Blogs” have now been upgraded to the latest 5.0 version.  And, the accompanying database has also been migrated to MySQL 5.0.  This upgrade is transparent to our readers and subscribers.  But, it allows us added functionality when creating content and managing existing blogs.  One of my favorites [...]

 SL Shared Media Demo

The new Second Life virtual world viewer version 2.0 (BETA) now has an interesting feature called “Shared Media”. This basically means that any user-created object in Second Life (i.e. a table, a car, or your baseball cap) can display web content (i.e. HTML, Flash, images, movies, and etc.) on any object’s surface, and then any [...]

 CrazyTalk vs Second Life

Creating machinimas in Second Life with avatars talking like how we talk in RL could be tricky. Although SL has its built in Lip-Sync(beta) it is still not that impressive specially when you do close-ups. What it mainly does is that your avatar’s mouth just opens and closes every time it talks, it doesn’t jive [...]

 Real Life Says Hello to Second Life Chat

“With Second Life becoming integrated into more aspects of our Resident’s daily lives, we saw a need to expand the world beyond its borders, enabling constant connection regardless of location.”
Linden Labs Vice President – Joe Miller
Linden Lab, creator of Second Life, together with Vivox, the same folks who provided the technology for SL in-world voice [...]

 MeshPatterns: A promising tool for meshy situations

It’s not everyday that you will get an invitation to a private demo of a promising tool developed in SL. But that is exactly what I got when a fellow from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Ernesto Riestra (or Tonatiuh Yalin in SL) is a Mechatronics Engineer who spends his time exploring the the limits [...]