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 “…do me a favor, and rez a prim.” – Dusan Writer

Here is a brilliant and inspiring blog entry by Dusan Writer, eminent SL/VW Evangelist, that strikes deep into the heart of the “whys” of our presence inside virtual worlds like Second Life, and why the simple act of creation, such as rezzing a prim (Second Life’s basic building block), is still a fundamental experience that [...]

 Linden Lab Restructures to Generate Efficiencies and Support Investment in New Platforms

Today, MLinden officially blogged about Linden Lab’s restructuring to accommodate two of there previous goals. First, Linden Lab will create a browser-based virtual world experience, eliminating the need to download software. Secondly, Linden Lab will look to extend the Second Life experience into popular social networks. Another reason for the restructuring is cost cutting. Eliminating [...]

 Virtual Job Fair Lands Him His Dream Job

This is the interesting story of Simone Brunozzi, a technology evangelist who works for Amazon.com. As described in a recent article on CNN about people who used the web in creative ways to land a new job, Brunozzi’s story is a tale of passion, commitment perseverance coupled with avatar chic, that got him his dream [...]

 Blue Mars new members will receive 1,000 BLU$! Tweeters could win 2,500 BLU$!

You’ve heard about Blue Mars, but haven’t gotten around to joining yet? Now is the perfect time!
From June 7 to June 13, if you are not yet a member of Blue Mars then go ahead and create a new Blue Mars account and log in for a chance to win 1000 BLU$ to buy Blue [...]

 Second Life’s Star Trek Museum closing soon

Star Trek Museum in SL will soon be closing up on July 31, 2010. It’s been a great 4-year run for the sim and unfortunately the owners cannot support it anymore due to financial and personal reasons. So sad to think that some best things just wouldn’t last.
You only have a month left to [...]

 War of Cybertron Machinima Released

After a long time, fans of the Hasbro movie , Transformers, need not wait to get their questions answered. High Moon Studios, a subsidiary of Activision (ActivisionBlizzard), is now ready to release their transformers game. Depicting the long awaited answers concerning the origin of the Autobots vs. Decepticons war in Cybertron, High Moon Studios created [...]

 Hollywood company gives away virtual islands to celebrities

Hollywood celebrities can now get their own virtual islands — at no cost — through Virtual Celebrity Islands, launching at this Sunday’s 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

View Demo
Between 70 and 80 celebrities will be able to get their islands at the Virtual Celebrity Gifting Lounge, sponsored by Los Angeles-based GBK Productions, a live-style gifting [...]

 New Social Virtual World Announced

GolemLabs, in partnership with newly formed 3DChat LLC, recently launched 3DChat, a social virtual world. This new VW aims to combine the functionalities of popular social networking websites like Facebook, and the immersion of a 3D virtual world.

The website, introduction and registration pages looks slick, and based from the YouTube videos I’ve seen, it looks [...]

 Second Life’s 7th Birthday

The Linden Group is busy prepping up for Second Life’s 7th Birthday(SL7B). The event will happen on  the 23th of June. The event will have entertainment from Second Life’s Local Artist. Linden Lab ,expects a big crowd for  this event,is now deliberating the list of applicants for both exhibitors and performers. SL7B will commensurate on [...]

 Awesome Lego Printer

This Lego machine can draw! Considering that it uses a fat-tipped felt-tip pen, this Lego printer makes a surprisingly detailed image. That’s pretty awesome, and the little lego figures operating it are a great final-touch. What I like most is that it is so slick to use, showing up in the OS X printer dialog [...]