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 An Interview for Hypergrid Business

I had a long conversation with Maria Korolov the other day. She was particularly interested in Avatrian’s consulting services in the OpenSim platform. We spoke for about an hour. After giving her a background of the company, I went into detail regarding our past experiences in the OpenSim platform. Avatrian has [...]


Dear friends,
…a live mixed reality show about working between worlds!
RL Location: Empire Drive-In, San Jose, CA
SL Location: Eyebeam Island http://slurl.com/secondlife/Eyebeam Island/78/34/124

BEST PRACTICES IN BANANA TIME is a mixed reality talk show that takes place live on stage at the EMPIRE [...]

 Diamond Head Crater in Second Life

Recently, we had the chance to work on something different, yet in essence still quite similar with the lunar terrain and meshwork that we’ve been doing for MoonWorld. This is because it involves a crater. But this time around, it wasn’t an impact crater, but one created by an ancient volcanic eruption.

Diamond Head Crater, located [...]

 LA Beyond Cars

A multimedia experience showcasing global perspectives on rail and public space. At the month-long event, Avatrian’s work is prominently featured along with other selected concepts and designs from around the world on the future of LA sans cars. The venue is held at the Jewel Box in downtown LA. The footage was [...]

 California’s High Speed Rail

In response to RailLA.org’s call for ideas, Avatrian has produced a machinima to showcase concept and design ideas for the High Speed Rail. The goal is to integrate the neighborhoods surrounding the LA Union Station on the arrival of the HSR. We combined concepts that already exist with new design ideas and proposed [...]

 Avatrian Opensim Upgraded

Avatrian Grid has been upgraded to the new code database based on the Opensimulator 0.6.9 which is the latest release. So far everything is running smoothly. Inventory access glitches have been minimized and all seems pretty stable. Here are some major list of changes from the core developers:
* Teleport offers implemented

 Wacky, Sexy and Fun: The RMB City “Naked Idol” Contest

I recently got invited to be a judge during the RMB City “Naked Idol” Contest. It basically mimics the well-known “Idol” competition format, where contestants showcase their talents to a group of three “celebrity” judges. However, in this particular contest, talent is defined more to be how the participants “assembled” or created their look for [...]

 Female Friendly Design for MoonWorld Tees

Awhile back, Avatrian created a few concept designs for MoonWorld Tees. Hopefully it would be printed for Moonworld souvenirs. But most of them were a bit masculine in design. Here is another version of the tees using vector art and light colors to promote CET’s MoonWorld, but making it a bit friendlier for her who [...]

 “Naked Idol” Contest in RMB City

RMB City is hosting a contest entitled “Naked Idol”, a nude avatar contest. This contest will take place at the RMB City People’s Park on June 13, 2010 @8:00PM SLT. Take note that the term “nude avatar” as used in the contest, does not only pertain to the obvious superficial meaning–the contest will not only [...]

 SLCC 2010 in Boston

We finally know the date and location for this year’s Second Life Community Convention…August 13-15 it is. The city for the venue is in Boston, MA.