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 Diamond Head Crater in Second Life

Recently, we had the chance to work on something different, yet in essence still quite similar with the lunar terrain and meshwork that we’ve been doing for MoonWorld. This is because it involves a crater. But this time around, it wasn’t an impact crater, but one created by an ancient volcanic eruption.

Diamond Head Crater, located [...]

 LA Beyond Cars

A multimedia experience showcasing global perspectives on rail and public space. At the month-long event, Avatrian’s work is prominently featured along with other selected concepts and designs from around the world on the future of LA sans cars. The venue is held at the Jewel Box in downtown LA. The footage was [...]

 California’s High Speed Rail

In response to RailLA.org’s call for ideas, Avatrian has produced a machinima to showcase concept and design ideas for the High Speed Rail. The goal is to integrate the neighborhoods surrounding the LA Union Station on the arrival of the HSR. We combined concepts that already exist with new design ideas and proposed [...]

 Blue Mars: Martian Boneyards Game

This is a cool and educational game that can be played inside Blue Mars. You play as an archeologist and solve the mysteries in the Blue Mars city named Arcadia.

This game is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

 The Cipher Prime Duo

I came across this Indiepub interview about two guys starting out a gaming business.This two named their company Cipher Prime. They struggled their way to the top and risk so much in the process. Eventually,they got their break by winning in a competition and possibly going to get sponsorship from a big time gaming company [...]


This is an amazing rendition of a future wherein virtual worlds have evolved to the point of becoming indistinguishable from the real world. This video is a bit of a cautionary tale on society’s addiction to games and virtual reality. But, it also showcases technology that could very well be commercially available in [...]

 War of Cybertron Machinima Released

After a long time, fans of the Hasbro movie , Transformers, need not wait to get their questions answered. High Moon Studios, a subsidiary of Activision (ActivisionBlizzard), is now ready to release their transformers game. Depicting the long awaited answers concerning the origin of the Autobots vs. Decepticons war in Cybertron, High Moon Studios created [...]

 Awesome Lego Printer

This Lego machine can draw! Considering that it uses a fat-tipped felt-tip pen, this Lego printer makes a surprisingly detailed image. That’s pretty awesome, and the little lego figures operating it are a great final-touch. What I like most is that it is so slick to use, showing up in the OS X printer dialog [...]

 Ranked-Choice Vote Counting Process

Alameda County commissioned Avatrian to create a machinima on Ranked-Choice Vote Counting Process.This will be Alameda County’s first time to hold this kind of election in which Berkeley, Oakland and San Leandro approved to use it. As the election is coming nearer it is really important to maximize the information given to the voters on [...]

 In Thrust We Trust

Avatrian’s entry in the National Space Society machinima competition. The machinima was filmed in NSS SL, MoonWorld SL and Celestia simulator. Original music by Craig Lyons…the song Trust.