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 Meet and Greet at Blue Mars

Last Friday, I got a tweet from Hamlet inviting everyone for a meet and greet at Blue Mars. He recently joined the Avatar Reality group in a consulting capacity. And, the meeting was a good time to get re-acquainted with the latest developments in the Blue Mars platform. Being free on a [...]

 Blue Mars: Martian Boneyards Game

This is a cool and educational game that can be played inside Blue Mars. You play as an archeologist and solve the mysteries in the Blue Mars city named Arcadia.

This game is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

 Blue Mars new members will receive 1,000 BLU$! Tweeters could win 2,500 BLU$!

You’ve heard about Blue Mars, but haven’t gotten around to joining yet? Now is the perfect time!
From June 7 to June 13, if you are not yet a member of Blue Mars then go ahead and create a new Blue Mars account and log in for a chance to win 1000 BLU$ to buy Blue [...]

 New Social Virtual World Announced

GolemLabs, in partnership with newly formed 3DChat LLC, recently launched 3DChat, a social virtual world. This new VW aims to combine the functionalities of popular social networking websites like Facebook, and the immersion of a 3D virtual world.

The website, introduction and registration pages looks slick, and based from the YouTube videos I’ve seen, it looks [...]

 Blue Mars Beta Test

Blue Mars officially launched in open beta last week and Avatrian was one of the few to do the beta testing just after the announcement. Blue Mars, the 3D virtual world created by Honolulu-based Avatar Reality, is powered by the Crytek 3d graphics engine. This virtual world is arranged as a network of “cities” on [...]

 Time for an Upgrade

Our new high-end AMD Phenom 2 x2 550 has 4GB of memory with an Nvidia GTX 280 OC graphics card of 1GB gddr3 memory. It has 1.4 terabytes of storage in two drives housed in a 3D Aurora chassis. Why so big was my first question? It turns out that all this [...]

 Chenin in Blue Mars

Avatrian has been exploring the new virtual world of Blue Mars. Using a beta login account, we started checking out the welcome area and various sites in this newly released platform. First thing to do is of course, customize my avatar a bit. Who do you think is the better Chenin Anabuki? [...]

 Blue Mars Teaser Trailer

Setting the mood for everybody, this teaser will surely make you drool for the experience. But since I’m not a member yet, I will still have to wait till I really experience the real deal. I’m preserving my comments for now, since I haven’t tried it yet. However, I’m quite interested to compare it with [...]